Tuesday, February 15, 2011

File Sharing Sites and Torrents

Today, life has become too easy; you can watch any movie (new or old), listen to any song or read a book just in a few clicks on your mouse. Torrents and file sharing sites have become the most normal things of day to day life and provide access to anything under the sun.

File Sharing sites and torrent are useful in more than one way which pave way for you to share notes, books, music, videos, pictures and even movies. Students are the most benefited people with the help of these sites. There is no need to run around searching from one shop to another for a particular book. Just a simple search for them on the relevant torrent or file sharing site and you get them.

Torrents Vs File Sharing Sites

The two most common forms of large sized file sharing today is the popular bit torrent and the other less familiar file sharing sites such as the Rapidshare, Megaupload, Megashare, Netload and so on.

The bit torrent is more popular and dominant form than the file sharing sites, mainly due to the speed and certain misconceptions of file sharing sites. However, file sharing sites have better history and have been around for a longer period of time than the torrents.

File sharing sites are more constant where the bit torrents are prone to changes such as protocol and other features. A recent speculation has thus placed file sharing sites higher than the torrent sites in regards to the method of file sharing.

File sharing sites are better than bit torrents in means of speed, redundancy, connection, and also uploading.

Sharing a file using Torrents

File sharing from one peer to another basically began with the emergence of torrents. Torrent is a type of file sharing protocol that is specialized in downloading large files. The coding in torrent enables in easy downloading of very large files.

How it works

A torrent begins when it is first uploaded. This user (who first uploads) is the seed. People can now download from the seeder. Once he completes downloading, he also joins the list of seeders. As more people begin sharing the file the initial bandwidth of the seed reduces. Parts of the files can also be downloaded from peers.

However, it is not necessary for a downloader to seed. When users do not continue to seed, the speed of downloading may reduce leading to complications, sometimes you may be stuck up with partial downloading of a file and so on.

General types of File sharing and torrent sites include e-books, audio books, music, videos, photos etc.

There are a number of resources on the internet to find e-books and audio-books for free. Some of them are given below

www.mininova.org – this site has a large collection of e-books and audio books. Around 15,500 e-books are available for free download consisting of various categories. Very useful site for those interested in general reading and educational e-books too. Some other similar websites are btjunkie.org, www.torrentreactor.net, www.torrentportal.com, www.fulldls.com, www.fulldls.com.

eBooks and Images

Some of the more popular sites that enable downloading e-books are FreeBookSpot, 4eBooks, Free-eBooks, ManyBooks, GetFreeEBooks and so on.

There are also torrent sites that enable video sharing such as Eyespot, Google Video, and Grouper and so on.

Websites that help to share photos and pictures are Flickr, Get 2 Use, ShareFile, Photobucket, ImageShack and others

Audio books

ABTorrents, Bibliotik, Cattorrent, MyAnonamouse etc are sites that provide access to downloadable audio e-books.

Although there are numerous sites that provide access to genuine downloads, pirates and people uploading others’ works are also present here. You have to take enough care to choose between the genuine and pirated copies of material you want to download.

It has to be however kept in mind that torrent downloads are easily traceable and pirated downloads can lead to unwanted consequences.

Sharing and downloading of copyrighted materials from file sharing sites is strictly against law and you are fully responsible for further consequences. Hence, use these file sharing sites for sharing/downloading your own or friends materials rather than copyrighted materials.


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