Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How to Present in a Stage without Fear, Tension and Nervousness - Key Presentation Tips

You must try to understand the psychology of the audience who are going to evaluate your presentation. Try to put yourself in their position and think of their expectations. If you think that you can explain your concepts patiently with detailed slides, then you are definitely on the wrong side of the gun. Human nature by instincts is that, when they come to know about something new, they would not be patient to know it slowly and in a detailed style. They would try to grasp the concept quickly. You must frame your presentation to match this accord.


It is for sure that you know about the contents of the paper well as you have prepared it. Be composed and stay confident and do not express over confidence. You must be polite enough that other should feel that you are open to explain about the contents in the right manner. Even if the audience or judges throw a silly question to you, do not show sense of complacency in answering it. Value the people who are listening to you as they are the ones who in turn give feedback on your performance.


Use simple language that can effectively communicate your ideas to the audience. Do not try and fail in adding vocabulary to your speech which is not going to be of great success, as the only basic criteria is whether people who listened to you understood what you delivered. In places other than the stage, be professional with your language in speaking to organizers and other people. Avoid using the regional languages while speaking to others and at the same time, do not project yourself as a figure of expertise in the science of languages.

Voice Projection

Be louder when you explain about the concepts. It is the confidence that you are going to exhibit through your voice. See to that you are delivering your contents on a high note. Never show any frustration on the stage if a section of crowd or someone else is not attentive. Concentrate on your concept and look at those who are at the edge of their seats to get your points. Check whether the audio system given to you is nice and fine when you are starting to present your paper. Do not be fast in giving out your speech. Be slower and clearer and your voice must be in a tone to please the audience.


Plan and deliver your speech with the time given to you. Be prepared to cut short your presentation if the time limit given to you is suddenly reduced by the organizers. These are the common things that can possibly happen to you. Never go out of your codes of conduct and argue with the organizers about various things. Keep aside the issues for the feedback session of the event and hold your patience. This will give a very god impression to your character. Win hearts by having a smiling face and control your emotions even if you are criticized on your concepts.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Paper Presentation Tips

The fear of presenting paper is common amongst the students. It is surprising and saddening that students lack the grit in them to go ahead and present just the contents prepared by them toiling hard for months. It is easy to surpass any obstacle when you enjoy what you are doing and it is just what you need to have in mind when you stand before the audience to present your own paper. Push yourself in taking pride to present your work and the key is to enjoy what you are doing.

Excitement and Anxiety

It does happen that you will feel excited and you will not be in total control of the situation when you climb the stairs of the stage and face the audience. Limit your body actions and show your composure in delivering the contents. Believe in yourself and keep in mind that all your hard work is in the climax stage of getting recognized. This is to keep you positive and you must not feel the pressure in you lingering about performance.


Preparation is extremely important to keep your mind confident. Do your home works properly on the paper and make sure that you know the contents of the paper inside out. Have spare hard and soft copies of your paper all the time to avoid last minute hassle. Take small notes if you really think that you might need it during the flow of presentation. Ensure that you organize the entire contents in a way that will be logically and technically correct.

Body Language

Stand erect and stay confident in your eyes while presenting the paper. See that you watch all the corners of the room when you deliver your words. Eye to eye contact is very important to keep the attention of the crowd to you. Never fold your hands or keep it on your waist at any time during the presentation which would bring in a picture that you are discontent. Restrict the motion of your arms and just gently use one of your arms to use a pointer or to show slides.

Communicating with Partner

When you have a partner to run the slides for you or you have some other person doing it, see to that you communicate through eyes to make him switch to the next slide. To keep it simple, you can say “next slide”. It happens that your partner may run or miss a slide, in that case, never panic and direct the person to get you the correct slide.

Answering Queries

This session is not going to be a tough one as you know the paper completely. Be a good listener in receiving the question from the judges. Take few seconds to understand the question and give out your answer with confidence. Take care that you speak out all the words in the mic provided to you or it would displease the audience and they would take off their attention if your voice is breaking in the loud speakers.

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