Saturday, January 10, 2009

College Projects - Computer Science Projects - Part 2

Thesis in Computer Science

Economics Management of Engineering Projects

Digital Design II with Laboratory Projects

Slot Machine using VHDL

Logic Synthesis Using FPGAs Projects

Two Dimensional Ping-Pong with VGA interface

Software Engineering Projects

Internet Computer Superstore (

Senior Projects

Robotics Project


Anonymous said...

Many consumers buy online for two reasons: First, they want products that they normally can't get offline. Second, they want discounts. Because of the current financial crisis, it is likely that many more consumers will go online to buy discounted items so it is likely that the demand for ecommerce software development would rise in the short run.

Anna said...

I m not able to see the project bezzz error is coming please upload it quickly

FYP said...

Nice project topic for students. Final Year Computer Science Project

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