Saturday, March 5, 2011

Technical White Paper Presentation- How to make yours stand out among others?

Writing a Technical white paper is an art. You need to follow certain rules, maintain certain dos and don’ts when writing a Technical white paper for presentation.

Give a catchy title

Innovations are being made everyday, and thousands of Technical white papers are published. If you want your Technical white paper to be considered better than others, you have to make it appealing to the reviewers/judges.

Title, is something that lures prospective reviewers/judges into opening your white paper. Hence, it is imperative to give a suitable and eye catching title.

Make the title self explanatory, so the reader knows what to expect in the paper. Your title should also be effective, in separating your ideas from the rest.

Engage your Audience

Always remember; you are writing the Technical white paper for a certain audience. You, have to first know who these audiences are, and what they are expecting.

You have to engage all your readers equally, by making your white paper empathetic. Make a brief description of the problems faced and how it can be easily resolved using your ideas. Then, proceed to give the technical details.

You can also detail some parts of the technical aspects in points. This makes the Technical white paper look short, but complete. You would have all the readers read the white paper, till the end.

A Technical white paper, written in such a manner is successful in proving three points to the readers.

1. You understand the customers’ problems.

2. A good description of your technology.

3. Gives enough explanation, as to how your product is the best.


Your content has to be short and brief. A brief, but targeted description would suffice and be read completely.

Organize your content neatly, making clear subdivisions and paragraphs so that one paragraph opens into the next.

You may follow the traditional formula to tell your readers what they are going to read and, explaining the product, and repeat what you have already explained.


There are standard formats to write Technical white papers. You have to follow these to make your white paper more effective and readable by scholars and other academicians, who may have influence in the propagation.

Introduction – this has to be a concise and not more than one or two paragraph. You have to briefly explain about your product or technology. Remember, there are people who would just read the introduction to know about the entire contents.

The problem faced – Give an overview of the problem faced.

How your product solves it – explain what your product does to solve their problem.

Show off your product - give the technological explanations here.

Conclusion – briefly, repeat all that you have already explained.

Use Real Examples

Make your examples speak on their own, by presenting how companies and people can be benefited from your technology. Your product would sound more real and worthy, when projected in this manner.

Use Charts and Graphs

Break the monotony of your Technical white paper by including charts and graphs wherever necessary.

Writing a good Technical white paper is not an easy task, but can be learnt and excelled with practice. You need to have a deep understanding of the product and its technology so that you can convince the readers.

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