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Electronics Projects With Electronics Circuits


Power supply failure alarm

Theft preventer alarm

Rain Alarm

A simple electronic buzzer

Water Level Indicator with alarm

Melody generator for greeting cards

4 in 1 burglar alarm

Brakelight Flasher

Car anti theft wireless alarm.

Fire Alarm

Daylight Alarm

Factory Siren

Police Siren

Big Ben Sound


Infra-red (IR) beam alarm/ proximity detector

Timed Burglar Alarm

Audio amplifiers, hi-fi, mixers, graphic equalizers, music circuits etc

Stereo Channel Selector

Low cost intercom using transistors

Infrared Head Phones

Use the CD-ROM drive as a audio CD player without the computer

Audio Visual Indicator for Telephones

Ultrasonic pest repellent

Sound Controlled Flip Flop

Ultrasonic Switch

Digital Volume Control

5 band graphic equalizer using a single IC/chip

Audio Light Modulator

Bass-treble tone control circuit

Audio level meter (vumeter)


Charge Monitor for 12V lead acid battery.

Wiper Speed Control

Dome Light Dimmer for Cars

Car anti theft wireless alarm.

Computer / PC Hardware Circuits

Control electrical appliances using PC

Simple Analog to Digital Converter

PC based Frequency Meter

7 segment rolling display using PC

Fun Circuits

Electronic Scoring Game

JAM(Just A Minute) Circuit

Flashy Christmas Lights

TV remote control blocker


Simple IF Signal Generator


Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Programmable Digital Code Lock

Pot plant water tester

Lights & L.E.Ds

Light Flasher(blinking lights)

Automatic Dual output Display

Emergency Light

Automatic Room Lights

Running Message Display

Christmas Star

Audio Light Modulator

Optical toggle switch using a single Chip

Flashy Christmas Lights

Dancing Lights

Alternating Flasher

Microcontrollers based circuits

Telephone operated remote control using PIC16F84A microcontroller

Music related Circuits

Automatic Speed Controller for fans & Coolers

Soft Button type Motor Direction Controller

Super simple stepper motor controller

Discrete component motor direction controller

Oscillator Circuits

Digital Volume Control

5 band graphic equalizer

Computer / PC Hardware Circuits

Simple variable frequency oscillator

Sawtooth wave generator

Control electrical appliances using PC

Simple Analog to Digital Converter

PC based Frequency Meter

7 segment rolling display using PC

Power Supply (PS) Circuit diagrams

Negative supply from single positive supply

Self switching Power Supply

Ultra low drop linear voltage regulator

Over / Under Voltage Cut-Out

High and Low Voltage Cutout with delay and Music

High Voltage, Low Current Supply

A simple Car Battery Charger

Radio,transmitter,receiver circuits

Car anti theft wireless alarm.

Long range FM transmitter

Remote control using VHF modules

40 meter Direct Conversion Receiver

Powerful AM transmitter

Radio Remote Control using DTMF

FM transmitter

Coilless FM transmitter !

Remote Control Circuit diagrams

Remote control using VHF modules

Remote control using telephone

A simple Remote control Tester

Clap Activated Remote

Radio Remote Control using DTMF

Ultrasonic switch

Electronic Sensors and related circuits

Magnetic proximity sensors

Dew sensor

Color Sensor

Metal Detector

Optical toggle switch using a single Chip

Sound Controlled Filp Flop

Ultrasonic switch

Light Barrier Detector

Temperature Sensor with Digital Output

Telephone Circuit diagrams

Telephone Ringer using 556 dual timers

Two line intercom plus a telephone changeover switch

Telephone line based audio muting and light on circuit

Having secrecy in parallel telephones

Telephone call meter using calculator & COB

Phone Broadcaster

Conversation Recorder

Multipurpose Circuit for telephone

Remote control using telephone

Cordless phone backup

Telephone Number Display

Smart Phone light

Telephone Headgear

Telephone Line Vigilant

Audio Visual Ringer

Off line Telephone tester

The Link Telephone Intercom – Every Home Should Have One!

Test & Measurement Circuits

High Resistance Voltmeter

A simple Remote control Tester

Contactless Mains Voltage Indicator

Zener Diode Tester


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