Sunday, February 22, 2009

Project Ideas - Engineering, Science, Electronics

Constant current circuitry

12V Battery operation

Wireless portable unit

Adaptable with most internal combustion engine vehicles

Three LEDs signal bumper-barrier distance

Infra-red operation, indoor use

Bar-mode LED-cluster sequencer

Can drive up to 16 clusters

Suitable for alerting purposes

Drives 12V Car bulbs

Monitors battery voltage

Three-LED Display

Four-LED left and right sequence

Particularly suited to motorcycles

Three-step beeps signal bumper-barrier distance

Infra-red operation, indoor use

Pushbutton activated

Very simple circuitry

High Quality, Discrete Components Design

Input and Tone Control Modules

Simple circuitry suitable for moving-magnet cartridges

Passive high-frequency equalization

High Quality, simple design

20 to 30V supply

Simple add-on module

Switchable "Control-flat" option

High headroom input circuitry

9V Battery powered

Including Preamp, Tone Controls and Regulated dc PS

18 Watt into 8 Ohm - 30W into 4 Ohm loads

High Quality very simple unit

No need for a preamplifier

High Quality simple design

No need for a preamplifier

High Quality, powerful unit: 90W into 4 Ohm

Also suited as guitar or bass amplifier

High Quality unit

No need for a preamplifier

3V Battery powered

High Performance unit

400mW RMS into 32 Ohm load

Single-rail Supply - Optional Tilt Control

Low distortion Class-B circuitry

6V Battery Supply

High Quality, very simple design

No need for a preamplifier

Designed for self-powered 8, 4 & 2 Ohm loudspeakers

Bass-boost switch

Behaves like a one-valve operated amplifier

Simple circuitry - No cross-over distortion

High-quality modular design

9V Battery powered - Very low current drawing

Suitable for tandem bicycles and motor cycles

Connects to iPod and similar MP3 audio players

Small portable device - 9V battery operation

Three high/low-sensitivity switchable inputs

High Quality One-IC unit

Low current consumption

Small portable device - 6V battery operation

Suitable for teachers, lecturers, tourists' guides etc.

Detects clipping in preamp stages, mixers, amplifiers etc.

Single LED display - 9V Battery supply unit

Battery-operated 3 LED display

Simply connect it to loudspeaker output

Useful to monitor audio power delivered to loudspeakers

No power supply - no setup required

Measures 10mV to 50Volt RMS in eight ranges

Simply connect to your Avo-meter set @ 50µA range

Suitable for home-cinema setup

9 Volt operated portable unit

Simple circuitry, low distortion, battery operated

Variable, low impedance output up to 1V RMS

Generates very low-distortion sine waves up to 1V RMS

No thermistors required - No settling time

Three switchable frequencies: 100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz

1.5V battery operated, minimum parts counting

Converts sine to square waves without a power-source

Useful as a test instrument for audio purposes

Turns-off your amplifier when idle for 15 minutes

Fed by amplifier tape-output

Useful to listen in faint sounds

1.5V Battery operation

No complex switching required

Simple circuitry, 6-12V supply

Voice manipulation device specially intended for props

9V Battery operation


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