Sunday, February 22, 2009

College Projects

Based on electromagnetic-field radiation

Place it under the pillow - Built-in timer

Detects the amount of salt contained in liquid foods

Three-level LED indicator

Particularly suitable for cellulitis treatment

3V battery supply, portable set

Agreeable, relaxing effect, helping to fall asleep

Small portable unit, 3V battery powered

Improved version of the popular circuit

Increased output voltage - More complex output wave forms

Current flows through clips placed on the earlobes

Output current adjustable from 80 to 600 microAmperes

Six timing positions suited to different skin types

Timing affected by sunlight intensity

Can be fitted into a packet of cigarettes

Also suitable as Fuzz-box

Stand-alone, 9V battery powered unit

Three-level input selector, three-band tone control

All-FET version of the celebrated valve guitar preamp

Can be easily modified to Marshall Tone Controls specs

All-FET design

Valve-like distortion behavior

300Hz, 1KHz, 3KHz "output stable" test equipment tool

9V battery powered portable unit

10W Old-Style ultra-compact Combo

Two inputs - Overdrive Treble-enhancement

Bass, Treble, Harmonic modifier and Brightness controls

Output power: 40W into 8 Ohm and 60W into 4 Ohm loads

Dot-mode three-LED display

9V battery powered portable unit

Four shape-controls portable unit

Wide variety of output waveforms

Precision Frequency generator 1 to 999 Hz

Precision Metronome 1 to 999 beats per minute

Linear scale Small size

40 to 208 beats per minute

Three Lamp-Channels Output

Built-in Electret Microphone

Low-cut and Bass controls

Output power: 40W into 8 Ohm and 60W into 4 Ohm loads


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