Saturday, February 2, 2008

IBM Research Projects - Copyrighted

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''Quantum mirage'' may enable atom-scale circuits
4th Proactive Problem Prediction, Avoidance and Diagnosis Conference
9p Universal Resource Sharing Protocol
Advanced Computing Technology Center
Anti-Spam Research
Atomic force microscopy
Bioinformatics and Pattern Discovery Group
Bipolar transistor
Blue Gene
Blue Gene/L and ASTRON
Blue Gene/L, Science Program
Business Intelligence from Voice of Customer
Cancelable Biometric Technology
Cancer Modeling
Carbon Nanotube Light Emissions
Carbon Nanotube Transistors
Carbon Nanotubes
Cell Processor
Collaborative Organization Analysis
Computational Genomics
Connection Network Intelligence
Continuous Program Optimization
Copper chip technology
Cryptography Research
Data Channels
Data Hiding
Disaster Recovery Planner Project
Double-Gate Transistor
Dynamic Optimization Group
echeck project
Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Embedded DRAM at IBM Research

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