Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Electronics Mini Projects

Choosing a topic is very important while doing an electronics mini project. You need to pick up one of the latest trends and you need to make sure that the project will be of good value to someone else.

These are the few key things which are noticed by my many judges while evaluating your mini project.

1. What is the scope of your project
2. What are the uses and how useful are they in real world
3. What is your contribution to the project.
4. Feasibility of implementing the same in real time.

Please consider these four points while choosing an electronics mini project.

Image compression
simulating of 16-bit processor using vhdl
Prototype Weather Forecasting System (PWFS)
Solar electro activation
number plate recognization
voice recognition security system
rf id based smartcard security system
Automated Remote Data Logger
bidirectional visitor counte
to turn on-off home devices with remote control
SMS Based Automated Room System
Issue certificates on Death, birth,caste,BPL Etc
automated guided vehicle
diodes,transistors and its application
Low bit rate Wavelet based video coding along with block based motion
Access control using ibuttons
power inverter
Electronics Burglar alarm Using Passive Infrared Sensors
Digital Telephony Application
electronic braille
evolving digital circuits using pso
noise alarm
real time patient monitoring system using CAN controller
heart beat counter using microcontroller 8051
Remote Control using Telephone
design an office to office conference system using telephone extensions
Touch Switch Circuit
Automatic generator of patterned music tones


DesignerDan said...

Mini Vehicle Immobilizer Project

See for full details

Avinash said...

Hey!! Itz too good!!! Helped me a lot in less than an hour to get my Mini project done. Thankz a lot dude. Hope your contribution goez on :-)

electronics mini projects said...

its a good project list
all project listed in single umbrella ..any way thanks dude..

nal said...

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Anonymous said...

FREE electronics mini projects

: electronics mini projects

Anonymous said...

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Final year microcontroller projects said...

Good post and useful informations, it helped us a lot, keep sharing such detailed info...keep blogging

bujji said...

automatic fan controller

anshik said...

i am a final year EC student. i need a Anti Collision Device (ACD) Network system for trains.

Anonymous said...

thx alot for the list and their details

Fariha Chowdhury said...

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ella asley said...

Thanks for the awesome list of Final Year Project list. The RFID,automated system, voice recognition security system are some of the effective technologies used widely in all electronic projects by students. In the project list, i found anti bag snatching alarm as an interesting project idea.

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