Sunday, January 20, 2008

University Projects - With full report,circuits and pictures

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Spring 2007 (hack-a-day, Make Magazine, hackedgadgets, Hackzine, hack-n-mod)
  1. Portable, color, tilt-controlled, video game (pictures 1, 2, 3, 4) (MP4-20MB)
  2. TouchPad video game (MP4-12MB)
  3. Laser Pong (mpeg: Bruce and Bryan playing) (, gizmodo, ubergizmo, engadget )
  4. Movement to Music: A Wearable Wireless Motion Sensor system (MP4-17MB)
  5. Music-controlled Puppet (MP4-21MB)
  6. Line-following car (mpeg) (YouTube)
  7. Audio homing robot
  8. Model retina: color tracker (mpeg)(MP4-23MB)
  9. Evolving neural robot
  10. MCU MIDI synthesizer
  11. AirJam: wearable air guitar (pictures 1, 2) (MP4-23MB)
  12. USB host controller
  13. UDP/Ethernet Controlled Temperature Regulator
  14. Dynamically reconfigurable MCU communication (local copy)
  15. Telescope controller
  16. Morse code interpreter, with speech synthesis
  17. Complex impedance analyzer
  18. uControl DVD macro-controller
  19. SD card MP3 player
  20. iPod controller
  21. USB Magnetic Mouse/Touchpad
  22. Polygraph (hacked-gadgets)
  23. Elevator Bank
  24. Pinball machine (MP4-15Mb)
  25. Guitar legend maker
  26. Braille reader
  27. Ultrasonic parking aid
  28. Retractable Alarm Clock (hackedgadgets)
  29. Autonomous Blimp (hackedgadgets)
  30. Automatic pet feeder
  31. Programmable medication scheduler
  32. CCD imager
  33. CalcParser
  34. Firefly synchronization
  35. Graphing calculator
  36. Speech recognition jukebox
  37. Speech recognition chess
  38. Sound Source Triangulation Game
  39. Touch Screen Controlled R/C Car
  40. AppleII emulator

  • Spring 1999
  1. Porche 911 Radio Controlled Car
  2. Autonomous Vehicle
  3. Spectrum Analyser
  4. Real-Time Guitar Tuner
  5. Whack-a-Cap
  6. CU Organizer
  7. Malay Language Learning kit
  8. Fixed point scientific calculator
  9. Etch-a-Sketch
  10. Real-time debugger
  11. VT100 Pong
  12. Home Security System
  13. Infrared Universal Remote Control
  14. Car Alarm System
  15. Hangman
  16. Simon
  17. Simon
  18. Answering Machine
  19. Thermostat
  20. BlackJack
  21. Blackjack
  22. Lego Vehicle
  23. RC car controller
  24. Sinewave Synthesizer
  25. Temperature and Pressure Control
  26. Video Frame Buffer


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