Saturday, January 10, 2009

Latest College Projects and University Projects - 2008

  1. PowerBox: smart AC outlet with metering and control
  2. Rhythm Ring: Interactive Rhythm Sequencer (MP4 video) (youtube and another)
  3. Trumpet MIDI Controller (MP4 video) (longer 53 Mbyte MP4 video)
  4. Air Drums (MP4 video), (MOV video) (youtube)
  5. Recorder Hero (MP4 video)
  6. Dueling Banjos (MP4 video)
  7. Intelligent wireless pedometer
  8. Networked Biometric Authentication
  9. Easy Input -head controlled mouse and keyboard interface (MP4 video1, video2)
  10. Virtual Keyboard
  11. 3D LED display (MOV video 60 Mbyte) (MP4 video)
  12. BordFree videogame (MP4 video)
  13. Haptic glove (MP4 video1, video2)
  14. High Speed Photography Controller
  15. 3D Maze in a Box video game (MP4 video)
  16. 3D Video Game Control (MP4 video)
  17. Multi-Player Light Cycle on Color TV (MP4 video)
  18. Gesture-driven Tetris (MP4 video)
  19. Remote Chess
  20. Data Acquisition System With Controller Area Network and SD Card
  21. Automotive On-Board Diagnostics Reader
  22. Adaptive 60 Hz Noise Cancellation
  23. Neural Net Helicopter (MP4 video)
  24. Accelerometer Controlled R/C Vehicle (MP4 video)
  25. Robot Arm (MP4 video)
  26. Help Quit Smoking Watch
  27. Electronic Impact Vest (MP4 video) (hacknmod) (Gizmodo)
  28. TouchSynth (MP4 video)
  29. TriWheeler robot (MP4 video) (youtube)
  30. Music Wand: Real-Time Optical Scanning of Sheet Music (MP4 video)
  31. Teaching an old clock (GE® Model 8116k) new tricks
  32. Shark Tag Microcontroller Platform
  33. Ghost Writer Robot (MP4 video)
  34. Rocket Inertial Navigation System (MP4 video)
  35. Guitar Tuner (MP4 video) (youtube)
  36. Scheme Interpreter
  37. Minigolf video game (MP4 video)
  38. Battlezone video game
  39. Laser Simon
  40. Snake Arm Glove
  41. Wiimote Crane
  42. Radio Beacon Finder


asterisk said...

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kutty said...

if anyone need embedded based power saver on power factor, max demand ,dryrun protection ,illumination controller,programmable load operation at reasonable cost with softcopy of report contact Manikandan B.E (9787305484)


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Saviour Kwofie said...

I am Saviour Kwofie, a final year student All Nations University College at the ECE department in Ghana, West Africa.

I want a topic on the project to design and construct an automatic device which can automatically disengage mobile telecommunication network at where mobile phones are not permitted. My email address is

Saviour Kwofie said...

I am Saviour Kwofie, a ghanaian. I am a final year student at the ECE department at All nations university college.

I want a project topic to design and construct an automatic device that can disengage mobile telecommunication network at where mobile phones are not permitted.

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